Surge Safe Tel Combo Power Protector

Surge Safe Tel Combo Power Protector


  • R 274.70

A surge is an abnormal but temporary high voltage on the electrical mains caused by non-direct lightning strikes from noise possibly produced by the use of heavy duty appliances, heavy duty machinery or large power tools. Don’t risk losing your valuable equipment through surges, protect them with the Surge Safe Adaptor.

Features :

Overload protected
Built-in safety shutters
Built-in indicator light
SABS approved
Quick and easy to install
Telephone cable “in and out” sockets
Absorbs up to 20 000 Amps on live, neutral and earth
Absorbs up to 10 000 Amps on telephone line
Protects your telephone and computer appliances against power surges and lightning induced surges
R30 000 Warranty (Terms & Conditions apply)

Package dimensions :

(W) Width: 145mm
(H) Height: 70mm
(D) Depth: 240mm
(KG) Weight: 0.50Kg  

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