½” Storm Shower Head 8L/min


  • R 215.46

The average household shower expels approximately 15 litres of water per minute. A shower that has a water saving shower head fitted will expel approximately 9 or 10 litres per minute. Changing your normal non-energy efficient shower head to our energy efficient shower head can save you water, electricity and money every month.

Features :

  • 120mm diameter
  • Suitable for use in domestic and low pressure applications.
  • Cost effective method of saving water and electricity.
  • Operates at pressures from 100kPa to 600kPa.
  • Flow rate not significantly affected by pressure change.
  • Flow regulated to ≤8L / min @ 400kPa.
  • Stainless steel mesh filter integrated into rubber washer to  prevent grit from entering the shower head body.
  • Soft silicone nozzles can be rubbed with finger to remove calcium deposits.
  • Brass swivel knuckle ensures durability and secure mounting to shower arm.
  • Standard ½” BSP female threaded fitting, suitable for fitment to all standard arms.
  • Chrome plated finish.
  • Brass swivel joint.

Package dimensions :

(W) Width: 143mm
(H) Height: 132mm
(D) Depth: 117mm
(KG) Weight: 0.50Kg

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