10M Extension Cable with Medium Surge Protection

10M Extension Cable with Medium Surge Protection


  • R 327.80

This medium surge protected extension cable has 2 Euro slots and 2 x 3 pin sockets. It converts your single plug point into multiple sockets. The extension cord allows you to extend your reach by 10m.

What is a Surge?

A surge is an abnormal but temporary high voltage on the electrical mains caused by non-direct lightning strikes or from noise possibly produced by the use of heavy duty appliances, heavy duty machinery or large power tools. Don’t risk losing your valuable equipment through surges, protect them with the Surge Safe Adaptor.

Features :

Safety shuttered for your protection
Uncoil fully when in use
Reset button
Indicator Light
Provides a 10m power extention to your electrical appliances
Surge protection up to 6500 Amps on live and neutral
Conforms to all South African National Standards

Package dimensions :

(W) Width: 240mm
(H) Height: 410mm
(D) Depth: 40mm
(KG) Weight: 1.02Kg

Blister dimensions :

(W) Width: 2450mm
(H) Height: 305mm
(D) Depth: 40mm
(KG) Weight: 1.0Kg

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