2000VA,1200W Modified Sinewave Inv With Trolley

Power Backup Kit 1200W/2000VA (Ellies UPS)


  • R 8,200.00

The Ellies Power inverter/ UPS is an electronic product designed and built to take low DC voltage power from batteries and convert it to standard AC power.


  • Built in intelligent battery charger to charge with electricity.
  • Ideal for home, office and indoor use.
  • Overload protected.
  • Built in ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) with adjustable
  • mains failure sensitivity.
  • Battery saving and low battery disconnect function.
  • Fossil fuel and pollution free.
  • Automatically shuts down to prevent damage to your
  • equipment and inverter if maximum output is exceeded.
  • Notifies you if there is a flat battery or a risk of overloading.
  • Easy to move around and setup when required.
  • Movable trolley system.
  • Warning buzzer.

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