HDMI OVER PLC RECEIVER - Power HD Link Add-on Receiver

HDMI OVER PLC RECEIVER - Power HD Link Add-on Receiver


  • R 1,425.00

The PowerHDlink system consists of a receiver and transmitter that deliver HD video and audio from HD set top boxes (HD satellite decoders, Blu-ray, video game consoles, DVD players) to compatible HD displays located near power outlets in your home. No wires necessary.


  • Incorporates HDMI™ technology.
  • Built for HDMI devices (HDPVR and Blu Ray DVD players).
  • Uses existing power lines.
  • Supports multiple receivers.
  • Built in IR technology.
  • Transmit HD Video anywhere in your home using your existing power-lines. No additional wiring necessary.
  • Allows you to use IR Remote controls to control your equipment remotely using IR signals.
  • Install multiple receivers in your home and avoid the complexities of rewiring your house or buying new Video Equipment for each viewing room.

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