LED Floodlight Solar Kit 4200 Lumen 16W

LED Floodlight Solar Kit 4200 Lumen 16W


  • R 2,474.99

Description :

The Mighty-lite LED floodlight is the latest innovation in high power, low energy security lighting. It is equipped with tough poly carbonate facing which protects the light from external interference and damage. The Mighty lite LED floodlight’s compact design offers all the features required of a modern floodlight with clean lines, simple installation with an easy pan-tilt adjustment.

Features :

  • Ultra efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Aluminum back plate
  • Over charge protection on battery
  • FLSOL8 and FSLOL16 generates 75 lumens per Watt
  • FLSOL28 generates about 82 lumens per Watt
  • FLSOL50 generates around 84 lumens per Watt

Product Dimensions :

(W) Width: 290 mm
(H) Height: 210 mm
(D) Depth: 125 mm

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