Mixing Bottle

Mixing Bottle


  • R 80.00

Description :

This convenient 1 litre plastic container takes one litre of fuel and measures oil required to mix any of the following ratios: 50:1 / 40:1 / 32:1 / 25:1.

Simply fill the container with fuel (unleaded fuel is always best) to the 1 litre mark and add 2-stroke oil to the required mixture ratio level. The spout is canter-levered to avoid spillage. It is not recommended to store unused mixed fuel in this container.

It is recommended to discard any unused mixed fuel after each job to ensure that you always mix the correct ratio with fresh fuel at each time of use.

Bottle size: 1 litre
Fuel / oil mixers:  50:1 / 40:1 / 32:1 / 25:1
Nett weight:  0.10kg




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