Solar Charge Controller 30A LS3024B, 12V/24V

Solar Charge Controller 30A LS3024B, 12V/24V


  • R 1,466.50

This 30A solar charger controller has the system voltage 12/24V automatic recognition function and custom define function, and all charge, discharge and load control parameters can be modified.


  • Optional user programmable Remote Monitor (MT50 not supplied).
  • High accuracy control by advanced microprocessor.
  • 4 stage intelligent PWM charging with temperature compensation.
  • Diverse load control.
  • Automatic system voltage detection.
  • Extensive electronic protection.
  • Highly reliable large terminals.
  • Monitor and set parameters via RS-485 (MT50 Meter Optional).
  • Open standard MODBUS protocol.

Product dimensions:

(W) Width: 218mm
(H) Height: 69mm
(D) Depth: 115mm
(KG) Weight: 0.63Kg


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