Solar Charge Micro-Controller 12V Low Voltage - Home Power System

Solar Charge Micro-Controller 12V Low Voltage - Home Power System


  • R 1,280.00

Once connected to a battery and a PV module, the system provides two USB outputs for cell phone and tablet charging as well as five 12V outputs for connecting to LED lights or a small 12 Volt TV and decoder or anything else that requires 12V DC power. The system manages the battery charge and discharge and shows the status and capacity of the battery.


  • Digital micro-controller for improved features and accuracy.
  • PWM mode charger.
  • Fully automatic operation (no adjustments neccessary).
  • 5 x12V DC outputs suitable for loads up to 1.5Amps / 18W max on each output socket.
  • Reverse Battery and PV protection.
  • Suitable for PV panels up to 280W. (36 cell, 20-25Voc)
  • Battery level indicator.
  • Reverse polarity indicator for solar panel connection.
  • DC Output Overload and Over Voltage protection.
  • 5 stage automatic battery charging.
  • Selectable battery depth of discharge control (50% or 90%).
  • Selectable battery equalisation charge (ON or OFF)
  • 2 USB ports for charging.

Benefits of a solar charge controller:

  • It is important to include a controller in a solar power system.
  • Reduce costly battery replacements by preventing battery overcharging.
  • Low battery voltage disconnect will increase battery lifespan.
  • The load is automatically disconnected when battery is low and automatically reconnected after the battery is recharged.
  • Intelligent charging will increase battery lifespan and will help to ensure optimum battery storage capacity.

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