Soldering Iron 60W

Soldering Iron 60W


  • R 190.00

The soldering iron supplies heat to melt solder so that it can flow into the joint between two work-pieces.

Used to solder electronic components to PC Boards and wiring connections. Also used for installation and repairs.

Correct soldering

  1. Choose a suitable wattage iron and the right solder for the job. The wattage should be large enough to thoroughly heat the parts to be soldered.
  2. Do not heat up the soldering iron without the tip in place, otherwise the lifetime of the heating element will be reduced. Prior to heating up the soldering iron, check the set screws are tightened to hold the tip firmly in place.
  3. Before soldering, clean the parts which are going to be soldered.
  4. Soldering iron tip should always be clean and provide it with sufficient soldering flux.
  5. Heat the parts where the soldering is required, apply solder to the heated parts only.
  6. The melted solder should flow evenly when enough heat is applied to the parts being soldered.




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