TV Safe

TV Safe


  • R 230.85

The TV Safe is an automated voltage protection device that prevents damage to your TV/audio equipment caused by spikes and high mains voltage levels. An unexpected change in power supply can lead to irreparable damage to your TV/audio equipment.

Features :

  • Green “ON” LED indicates voltage is within set parameters and your TV/audio equipment is receiving normal voltage (Normal working state)
  • Protects against spikes in mains power.
  • Detects increases in mains voltage (over voltage).
  • Red “SURGE” LED indicates surge protection active (Protected when lit).
  • Red “OFF” LED indicates power disconnected, when voltage exceeds 260V (Safe mode).
  • Yellow “WAIT” LED indicates power restored to normal levels, 1-2 minute precautionary wait time (Before reconnecting TV)

Package dimensions :

(W) Width: 62mm
(H) Height: 178mm
(D) Depth: 82mm
(KG) Weight: 0.20Kg


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